3 Tips For Saving On Car Insurance As A Senior Citizen

Insurance companies often raise the premiums of senior citizens because of a perceived risk that older drivers are more likely to get into an accident due to issues, such as declined cognitive function, and health issues, such as arthritis. Here are a few ways, as a senior citizen, you can keep your car insurance rates low despite your increasing age.

Take A Safe Driving Course

Many insurance companies will offer you a multi-year discount if you take a safe driving course through an approved company. These classes generally take a couple of hours, but can provide you with a discount on your car insurance for a couple of years. 

Talk to your insurance agent and see if your insurance company offers a discount for taking a safe driving or defense driving course. This is an easy way to lower your insurance premium. Just take the course and provide your insurance company with proof that you took the course. 

Update Your Insurance Company On The Miles Your Drive

If you have changed the number of miles that you drive now that you have gotten older, make sure that you let your insurance company know. If you used to commute to work, and you now only drive around and run errands, make sure your insurance company knows. Back when you first crafted your policy, you had to tell your insurance company how often and what you used your car for. If you don't update this information, your insurance company will continue to base your insurance premium on old information. 

Let your insurance company know approximately how many miles you drive per year. You can figure out how many miles you drive per-year by keeping track of your mileage for a month and then multiplying that number by twelve so you have an accurate estimate to provide your insurance company with. 

Update Your Organizational Contacts

Finally, make sure that you update your insurance company and keep them informed about any organizations that you are associated with. Many professional organizations, as well as organizations geared towards senior citizens, work with insurance companies in order to provide you with discounts. 

Your professional memberships could help you reduce your premium, so check with your insurance agent and see if you any of your professional memberships could save you some money on your insurance rates.

Keep your premiums down as you age by taking a safe driving course every few years, and by keeping your insurance company informed about how many miles you drive every year as well as your professional membership. All of these actions can reduce your overall car insurance premium. Contact a company, like Allstar Insurance, for more help.