Should You Get That Auto Body Damage Fixed?

You love your vehicle, but life is busy, so when you get a ding or two in the parking lot, you may choose to ignore them. After all, your insurance policy has a deductible, and you may think repair is not worth the effort and expense. Even when you have a larger dent, you may choose to do nothing. In reality, you should probably have this damage repaired for several reasons.


You may not be particularly image-conscious, but other people are. If you let your vehicle's body collect dents, rust, and grime, it presents a negative image to the world. Unfortunately, people judge you by surface issues, and that includes the surface of your car. You look more disciplined when your vehicle is kept in good condition. If you use your car for business, you certainly need to drive a well-maintained vehicle. Your clients will see your vehicle as a reflection of your company. 


Un-repaired dents can lead to a rust infestation that leaves the outside of your vehicle looking like an unattractive patchwork quilt. Dents invite this rust explosion as well as advanced corrosion. Even if the appearance of your car does not personally concern you, what it does to the inner workings of your vehicle should. Rust can cause holes in the body, allowing exhaust fumes inside the cabin, potentially damaging your health. The frame of your car can be weakened and have pieces break off. Your gas and brake lines can even be affected. What starts out as a cosmetic issue becomes a huge safety issue. 

Resale Value

Unless you are planning to drive your car until it dies a premature death, you need to have body damage repaired. The resale value of your car plummets when the body has significant damage. When people are shopping for a car, they are often as interested in the appearance of the vehicle as they are its mechanical workings. If you trade in your vehicle, you will lose money for every dent since the dealership will have to repair that damage before they can sell it. 

Ignoring damage to the body of your vehicle is not a good idea for numerous reasons. If the damage is small, invest in repairing it yourself. If your car suffers serious injury, do file a claim with your insurance company. Yes, you may have to pay a deductible, but you are protecting the value and integrity of your vehicle. Talk with insurance companies, like the one represented at, to learn more about the importance of making proper repairs.