Reasons Single People Need Life Insurance

You're young, free and single. Surely you don't need life insurance, do you? That's where you're wrong. Single people need life insurance, and here are four reasons why you should get it right now.

Cover Your Funeral Expenses

There are funeral costs after death. Do you really want your parents or another relative to foot the bill or hope they can raise enough from your estate? A life insurance policy would make sure you had enough to cover the costs, so nobody else has to.

You can also create the funeral that you want, knowing that your life insurance would cover the costs. This can be a relief for single people.

You Never Know About the Future

You're single now, but what about in the future? By getting your life insurance policy in place now, you can make changes to it over time. You can chance the beneficiary when you meet someone or have kids of your own.

Even if you remain single, you will at least have the policy there for others. There's nothing lost by getting one. You just don't know what the future holds.

If you don't meet a partner, you may have a best friend that you want to support after your death. There may be another family member you have depended on for a long time that you want to give back to in the end.

Cover Other Debts

While you may be single, you may not necessarily be debt free. You may have a mortgage, car loan or other debts. These need to be cleared after death, and your life insurance policy will help to handle it all. You can organize a policy that will give a high enough death benefit to clear all debts, so your parents or non-immediate family don't need to worry about them.

The money will also cover your inheritance tax bill when you die. This is something that many people worry about when they get older.

Give Money to Charity

You may want to make sure money goes to a charity of your choice. This is something your life insurance policy can offer, by stating in your will where you want the money to go to in the end. You can always change your will if you meet someone and want to ensure some of the money protects them in the event of your death.

Don't focus on the current costs of your single life. You still need a life insurance policy. Contact an insurance agent for more information on getting a policy set up for you.