4 Big Mistakes That Can Leave Your Car Susceptible To Being Stolen

A stolen car is not just a huge hassle. It can also be a devastating financial blow. It's important to make note of the fact that a standard basic collision coverage policy might not even reimburse you for a stolen vehicle.

Even comprehensive car insurance might not necessarily offer coverage on a stolen vehicle, so you need to read the fine print of your policy if you live in an area where vehicle theft tends to be a big problem.

Of course, there are some good habits to get into that can minimize the chances that your vehicle will be stolen. Avoiding the following four car mistakes is a good start to developing habits that will keep your vehicle safe wherever you are:

Assuming your vehicle is not worth stealing

You might wish that your car were newer or more sporty, but that doesn't mean that thieves won't be interested in stealing it.

Any vehicle could potentially be stolen. Remember that even a vehicle that's on its last leg is worth money as scrap metal. Take precautions to prevent vehicle theft whatever your car's value is so that you don't lose your mode of transportation.

Leaving spare keys in your car at all times

Unfortunately, most of us are going to forget to lock our vehicles at some point. You'll make a thief's job a lot easier if you leave a set of spare keys in your vehicle. 

Putting valuable possessions in a position that leaves them visible

You should always hide any expensive laptop, smartphone, GPS device, or other electronic equipment from view if you must leave it in your car. Also, don't leave a piece of jewelry sitting out so that it's visible to passers by.

Any expensive items that are visible in your car tempt thieves to break in. Remember that it's typically a simple task to break open a window and take out some valuables. This is especially true if your vehicle is parked in an isolated place where no one is likely to notice a break-in.

Cracking your windows open when you leave the car

In warm weather, it's tempting to leave a window cracked open to let some fresh air in and to prevent sunlight through the windows from heating up your vehicle's interiors. 

However, thieves are often able to unlock a door if the window is open even a crack. It may be possible for thieves to stick a device down into the window that will reach the lock controls and unlock car doors.

Keep your windows closed tight to maximize security. If you are parking in bright sunlight, use a windshield shade rather than an open window to keep your car cool.

For more information or advice, contact local insurance companies like Family Insurance Centers.