Insurance to Add to a Minimum-Coverage Plan

Most states require you to have minimum coverage for property and personal-injury liability. But how do you decide where to go after that? There are so many different coverage options. This guide is designed to help you decide where to beef up your auto-insurance coverage and how much coverage to get.

Collision Insurance

One of the first things that you should look at is collision insurance. It seems one-sided that your minimum coverage only covers damage to other people's vehicles. But what if you are hit by an underinsured driver and aren't able to finance your own repairs? Collision insurance will take care of you and get you a rental vehicle while you're waiting for your car to come out of the shop.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is important to look at. Many accidents that can happen to your vehicle are completely out of your control, such as theft and natural disasters. And they could completely leave you stranded without a car. When you're deciding how much comprehensive insurance coverage to get, think about how much money you would be able to put up in the event that your car were lost. That is the maximum deductible that you should get for your comprehensive coverage. Of course, more is better if you can afford to add it.

Auto-Maintenance Coverage

Another coverage that can be immediately helpful is auto-maintenance coverage. Taking care of your car is going to demand some money on a regular basis, so why not set some money aside in an auto-maintenance coverage plan? This way, you're covered when a major system blows out and needs to be replaced on your car.

Medical Coverage

Medical coverage is up to you. If you have a great healthcare plan, then adding additional insurance for an auto accident may not be a valuable move. But if you have a minimal plan with a high deductible, then adding medical coverage for your automobile can be helpful; since the coverage only applies in case of automobile injuries, this gives a higher level of coverage for a lower monthly premium for qualifying injuries.

These are some of the most important additional coverages to consider outside of your basic monthly plan. If you tell your auto-insurance agent that you only have X amount of additional money to spend on your coverage each month above the minimum, they can help you piece together a plan that covers you in the most important areas.

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