5 Important Quick Tips About Vehicle Insurance

As a vehicle owner, there are a few quick tips that you should know about your vehicle insurance plan so that you can be a responsible policyholder. Being a responsible policyholder will allow you to ensure that you understand the policies and have the coverage you need.

Keep an Up-to-Date Insurance Card in Your Vehicle

First, you will want to keep an up-to-date insurance card in your vehicle. You are going to want to carry a card with you. If you ever get pulled over, you can show the officer you are carrying up-to-date insurance. It is true that many mobile insurance apps now allow you to pull up your insurance card on them; however, you may not have service, your battery on your phone could die, or you may not have your phone on you. It is always best to carry a paper card as well.

Carry the Minimum

Second, make sure you are carrying at least the minimum insurance that your state requires you. Most states require you to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance. If you really want to protect yourself, you will need to purchase more than the minimum liability insurance to protect your assets fully. 

Care for Yourself

The state-required insurance is basically liability insurance. It doesn't protect your own vehicle. If you want to protect your own vehicle, you need to get collision and comprehensive insurance. That way, you will get money to fix your vehicle up. There are additional add-ons that you may want to consider, such as: 

  • Roadside assistance

  • Gap insurance

  • Rental car reimbursement

  • Windshield repair

  • New vehicle replacement

  • Accident forgiveness

Talk to your insurance agent to find out all the add-ons that your insurance company offers and figure out what ones are best for your situation. 

Shop Around

Finally, it is important to shop around. Although your vehicle and life conditions may stay the same, that doesn't mean that every insurance company will offer you the same rate. Each insurance company has its own formula for figuring out your risk level and what they will charge you. That means that one insurance company may find you more or less of a risk and offer you a smaller or larger premium than what you have right now. You will never know if you don't shop around, so take the time to shop around and ensure you are getting the best rate and coverage each year.

As a responsible car insurance policyholder, carry a physical insurance card in your vehicle, get coverage that takes care of you, and shop around for the best deal.