3 Modifications That Can Increase Your Car Insurance

Have you ever noticed that once you purchase a new vehicle, you begin seeing a similar one everywhere you look? Individuality is one of the reasons many people go out of their way to add modifications that make their vehicles unique. Vehicle modifications help differentiate your vehicle from the numerous look-alike models on the road. These changes not only make your car look different but may also make it faster and increase your auto insurance. While not all modifications increase the cost of your insurance, here are a few that do. 

1. Custom Paint

Nothing makes your car stand out more than custom paint, murals, decorations, or designs. Not only do these make your car more attractive, but your vehicle becomes more expensive to fix if something happens.

Unfortunately, if something happens to your vehicle, trying to match custom paint in the future can be a nightmare for you and the insurance company. Even if you return to the same paint shop that performed the original job, some custom colors are challenging to duplicate. Depending on the damage, you may have to repaint the entire vehicle instead of just the affected area. 

2. Custom Motors

When you add a custom high-performance motor, your insurance company assumes you plan to use it to its fullest potential. The faster you go, increases the likelihood of you having an accident. Insurance companies often view custom motors as posing a higher risk to the insurance company.

In addition to the higher potential accident risk, your custom motor is often more expensive to fix or replace. Certain customizations or modifications often require modified car insurance, a type of policy that covers aftermarket components. These policies are usually more expensive than standard coverage.

3.  Custom Tires And Wheels

Another modification that will usually require additional insurance coverage is your custom wheels and tires. Most standard policies do not automatically cover these. To have coverage, you may add an addendum to your current policy or seek additional coverage from one of the auto insurance companies. 

Depending on the size difference between what typically comes on your vehicle and what you upgrade to, the insurance company may also view your custom tires as a safety risk. For example, a bigger tire will improve stiffness and safety while driving but will reduce your braking distance.

Before you get ready to make high-dollar modifications, ask your agent for a car insurance quote. The difference in the price of your premiums may make you change your mind about your modifications. For more information, contact a company like Illinois Insurance Center Inc.