Will Your Insurance Repair Your Car If You’re In An Accident?

Auto insurance doesn't always cover every aspect of a collision. It depends on your policy and coverage options. Even when you think you know what your insurance will cover, it helps to know a little about how collision coverage works. Liability Coverage Has Nothing to Do With Your Vehicle If your insurance consists mainly of liability coverage, then your actual car doesn't have much protection. Liability covers property damage and pays medical bills if there's an accident. Read More 

4 Big Mistakes That Can Leave Your Car Susceptible To Being Stolen

A stolen car is not just a huge hassle. It can also be a devastating financial blow. It's important to make note of the fact that a standard basic collision coverage policy might not even reimburse you for a stolen vehicle. Even comprehensive car insurance might not necessarily offer coverage on a stolen vehicle, so you need to read the fine print of your policy if you live in an area where vehicle theft tends to be a big problem. Read More 

Do You Need Renter’s Insurance If You’re Living With Your Parents?

Whether you're living at home while attending community college as a way to avoid hefty student loans -- or you have joined the "boomerang generation" of Millennials whose economic circumstances have required a move back home -- you may be wondering how best to set yourself up for a bright financial future. In some cases, this can mean investing in renter's insurance while you still live under your parents' roof. While your parents' homeowners insurance coverage is likely to provide the depreciated or replacement value of your belongings if they're damaged or destroyed, there are a few exceptions -- and you don't want to find yourself dealing with one of these exceptions after your parents' house has sustained damage. Read More 

Insurance Pointers For The Professional Hair Dresser

Being a professional hair dresser can be a dream come true, and when you finally open your own salon, you may be excited about what lies ahead. To prevent legal and financial trouble that could derail your company, proper insurance is something to think carefully about.  The pointers below can help you protect what you've worked hard for. Purchase a General Policy The most basic kind of commercial insurance policy is one that includes general liability. Read More 

3 Things To Consider To Determine How Much Life Insurance You Need

Most people know that they should be getting life insurance. Life insurance is a vital part of emergency preparedness and although you would hope that you will never have to access it, if the time does come that your family needs it, it could be life saving. For this reason, you should get life insurance right away, especially while you are young. One confusing thing for many people is knowing how much they should get. Read More