Auto Insurance Options For Vehicles In Storage During Military Deployment

Men and women who serve in the military sometimes place their vehicles in storage when they are deployed to another country. Although you may be able to save money on your auto insurance premiums, insurance laws vary by state. Therefore, the options available for auto insurance coverage if you store your vehicle while you are deployed elsewhere can vary as well. Suspending Your Insurance The laws in some states make it possible for you to suspend your auto insurance coverage while you are serving overseas. Read More 

Insurance Coverage: Three Things To Consider Before Building A Treehouse

If you'd like to build a treehouse in your backyard, unfortunately, it isn't always as easy as just collecting the materials and building it on your own. Before building a treehouse, it's best to consider the three insurance-related questions below. 1. What Is Covered by Your Current Home Insurance Policy? To get a full understanding of what structures within your yard are covered under your home insurance policy, it's a good idea to consult with your insurance agent directly. Read More 

Reasons Single People Need Life Insurance

You're young, free and single. Surely you don't need life insurance, do you? That's where you're wrong. Single people need life insurance, and here are four reasons why you should get it right now. Cover Your Funeral Expenses There are funeral costs after death. Do you really want your parents or another relative to foot the bill or hope they can raise enough from your estate? A life insurance policy would make sure you had enough to cover the costs, so nobody else has to. Read More 

Talk To Your Townhouse Neighbor About These Issues That Could Lead To An Insurance Claim

Whether you barely converse with your townhouse neighbor beyond a smile and a nod when you see each other in your driveways or you're close friends, it's important for you to stand united when it comes to protecting your homes from problems that may arise. Given that your homes are physically touching each other, there can be times that your neighbor's neglect in a certain area could lead to damage to your home, and a need to make a claim with your home insurance provider. Read More 

Two Options For Rental Car Insurance That You May Not Know About

When traveling, renting a car is often a great way to be able to get where you need to go. When you rent a car, the company will offer you the ability to purchase insurance on the rental car. Before you agree to purchase or to pass on the insurance, it is important to know if there is any other way you could get the coverage you need. You do not want to drive a rental car without any insurance coverage because if anything happens while the car is in your care, you will be responsible for paying for the repairs out of your own pocket. Read More