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Auto Insurance Myths To Know About

You may purchase car insurance regularly as a matter of course, but you might not have thought too deeply about how the insurance carrier arrives at how much you'll pay for your policy. In fact, you might very well believe some myths which end up causing you to pay more than necessary or leave you with inadequate coverage. Here are some untruths to watch out for. Your Premium is Only Based on Your Driving Read More 

4 Perks of an Online Insurance Certification Course

Do you want to start working in the insurance industry and possibly start your own agency? Before you can accomplish your goal, you will have to study and take an examination to become certified. If you have a schedule that won't allow you to take time off to go to school, you can actually study and take the exam online. Getting certified online is beneficial in several ways, so you might actually enjoy getting certified that way. Read More 

4 Tips For Finding The Best Health Insurance If You’re Self-Employed

The key to feeling your best is taking care of yourself and getting routine medical exams. However, the cost of the medical tests you get can be expensive. This makes it ideal to find the highest quality coverage you can at the most affordable price. This may be a challenge to do if you work for yourself. Being aware of specific tips to assist you can be ideal in this situation. Read More 

Why You Shouldn’t Loan Your Car to Your Friends in College

College students like to loan out their cars to their friends, probably because many of them don't own cars. Unfortunately, this isn't good practice because it jeopardizes your car-insurance coverage. Here are four disadvantages of loaning your car to friends. Your Insurance Pays When Your Friend Damages Your Car Since car insurance follows the car and not the driver, it's your insurance coverage that will pay for any damages your friend may cause to your car. Read More 

Insurance to Add to a Minimum-Coverage Plan

Most states require you to have minimum coverage for property and personal-injury liability. But how do you decide where to go after that? There are so many different coverage options. This guide is designed to help you decide where to beef up your auto-insurance coverage and how much coverage to get. Collision Insurance One of the first things that you should look at is collision insurance. It seems one-sided that your minimum coverage only covers damage to other people's vehicles. Read More