Planning for the Future

What To Do When An Injury Occurs At Your Small Business

You never want to see someone get injured while working for your small business, but workplace injuries do occur.  That is why workers' compensation insurance exists.  It not only protects your business, but can provide employees with compensation if they were to become injured while working for you.  When an injury occurs, be sure to follow these 4 things. Get All The Facts Right Away You'll want to make sure that you have all of the information regarding the injury, and it's best to do that immediately after it happened while the incident is fresh in everyone's mind. Read More 

Reduce The Chance Of Making An Insurance Claim On Your Summer Road Trip

When you're traveling for the summer, the last thing you want to experience is an automobile accident that puts a damper on your fun. While your auto insurance agent will still be able to handle the claim for you over the phone, it's best to do everything you can to avoid putting yourself in this situation. While accidents can certainly happen, some smart preparation ahead of time will reduce your chance of finding yourself in a collision -- and having to spend part of your vacation dealing with the insurance claim. Read More 

Should You Get That Auto Body Damage Fixed?

You love your vehicle, but life is busy, so when you get a ding or two in the parking lot, you may choose to ignore them. After all, your insurance policy has a deductible, and you may think repair is not worth the effort and expense. Even when you have a larger dent, you may choose to do nothing. In reality, you should probably have this damage repaired for several reasons. Read More 

The Broader Scope: What Casualty Insurance Really Means And What It Actually Covers

Just when you think you have everything covered-home, auto, boat, life, etc., someone starts talking about casualty insurance. You may start to panic, and may even think, "What now? What does that kind of insurance cover?" Slow down, take a breath, and read the following information on what casualty insurance is and what it actually covers.  Casualty Insurance Is the Broader Category Casualty insurance is typically the broader category of all of the types of insurance you already have or should have to protect your assets and investments. Read More 

Develop A Hurricane Preparedness Plan For Your Boating Business To Lower The Cost Of Insurance

Hurricanes regularly hit the gulf coast states and cause a tremendous amount of damage each year to the hulls on commercial boats (used for things like fishing, sightseeing, and sea diving activities). This is one reason why hull liability insurance can be so expensive for some commercial boat owners. One way to control the cost of these policies is to institute a "Hurricane Preparedness Plan" that you will use to protect your boat in case a hurricane hits your region. Read More